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How Moor Mask® Helps You Look Good Naked!

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The Do’s and Don’ts for the #nomakeupselfie!

Bare Face Pid

Make no mistake – this is light years away from the previous “nude” and “bare” skin looks - this is the full on, hardcore, completely naked “I don’t have an iota of slap on” trend which is currently sweeping the globe from naked facial shots on Twitter - #nomakeupselfies, Instagram and Facebook to articles in “serious” publications including Cosmopolitan and the New York Times who even went as far as proclaiming the look “the new beauty standard” no less…ooh er.

While the trend has a lot of support from celebrities without makeup  and raised  money for a worthy cause, it has ignited heated debate on the social media platforms.  While it’s too early to tell if this is another passing fad, it becomes difficult to dismiss when heavyweight publications start to jump on the bandwagon and rather suggests this one has some staying power.

Personally, I’m embracing it with open arms and feeling that after at least a decade, fashion has finally caught up with me.  Despite advancing years, through sheer laziness and lack of time, I haven’t “done” make-up seriously in at least 2 years and even when I did it was always pretty random.  Ironically, having spent the last few months spending some of my free time scouring Youtube vids for make-over tutorials for mature skin, I was just giving myself a good talking to about making more of an effort and now it seems I don’t have to…hurrah:)

So, the 6 million dollar question, is whether or not YOUR skin is up to the challenge?   If you want permanently camera ready skin, with or without make-up then we respectfully suggest you head on over to the main site at and take a good look round because much better skin IS just a mouse click away.  Alternatively, if you’re just after a quick fix camera illusion then hopefully we can help with our cheeky list of  do’s and don’ts for the ultimate “Kodak moment”:


Beg, steal or borrow one of those cameras that has a built in “magic skin” filter to make your skin look fab in seconds.

Use decent eye drops about 5 minutes before taking the selfie to make your eyes look all white and sparkly. Look at a light source as the photo is taken which will cause your pupils to narrow, avoiding redeye and create a flattering pupil gleam.

Think about angles. Facing the camera straight on is rarely flattering; instead, turn your head to a three-quarter position to give your features depth.

Consider lighting.  Good lighting can highlight your best features whilst playing down the things you’re not mad about.  But again, be careful. Avoid standing directly under a light, which can cast weird shadows on your face. Instead, stand facing a natural light source, such as a window, or in a spot where soft light hits your face from the side.

Pinch your cheeks just before snapping to give them a naturally rosy glow.


Don’t “touch up” the digital image with photo editing software or photoshop.  Unless you really know what you’re doing, the results will be obvious and if you overdo it you’ll be in danger of looking like a digital “CoCo the Clown” which is never a good look!

Stand in front of a dark background.  A light or white background will help to brighten your face and lift your features.  It also helps your camera to find the right colour balance so that the end result doesn’t have a yellow or blue “cast” to it.

Take the photo from below eye-level with the camera tilted upwards. This is a big no-no.  You are very unlikely to be pleased with the shot as this is a very unflattering angle even for the supermodels among us!

Forget saying “cheese” – a fake smile will look exactly that…fake.  Think of something funny, heartwarming and uplifting just before pressing the shutter button and those emotions should come across in the pic.

Try too hard.  If it looks as though the pic has been super posed you’ll defeat the whole “au natural” object.







NEW… Moor Mask & The Snail Cream…A Marriage by Design

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Moor Bang for your Buck with Organic Snail Filtrate Products;)

The Snail Cream Products at Moor MaskWe are  gathered here today to witness the joining together of a match made in heaven and of gigantic proportions, resulting in a natural anti-aging skin care “breakthrough product” which marrys a moor mud, thousands of years old to snail filtrate technology which is a mere infant.  Now obviously in the “real world” that age gap between a couple would be entirely inappropriate, however in this instance it is one to be applauded and frankly, marvelled at…a lot…because for you lucky people, this means the best just got even better!

To cut through all of the “snail hype” prevalent on the internet at the moment and get to the truth about this stuff you’ll want to read  The Snail Cream information over on the site.

Is it very wrong of us to refer to it as “nectar of the gods”?



Misery, Mayhem and Mud Masks!


Moor_Mask_Snail_CreamOn the mud front it’s been non-stop for months and we’re not complaining about that but consequently a lot of PC related tasks have got delayed or, if I’m gonna be really honest…badly neglected:( I know I’ve griped about it before and a bad workwoman always blames her tools and all that but constant platform and policy changes by Youtube (Google), Google Shopping (Google) and Google Checkout (Google) - noticing a common theme here? – amongst others -  have caused major headaches and just when we think we’ve got to grips with it another change gets announced.  We’re not the only ones having a tough time of it.  All the social media sites and forums seem full of rants by long-time users and it often feels like they wanna know what we had for breakfast before we’re even allowed to login!!!

Anyway, on a more positive note, we’ve been mega busy sourcing new goodies for the new look site over at – which has now been integrated with the main site at – and we’ll be sharing all of these with you over the next few weeks so keep a lookout.

In addition to all of that we’ve got new partners in various countries (most noteably China) where jars of Moor Mask® have been literally flying off the shelves plus we’ve even found the time(!) to:

  • re-vamp our labels (they’re lookin’ goooooood)
  • find a supplier of eco-friendly PET packaging for ALL the mud products
  • source new brush and soap manufacturers…awesome new styles of both coming soon
  • re-design a number of our graphics that some of you may have noticed in various places around the web and finally….
  • TOP SECRET – negotiate with a supplier to bring you a BRAND NEW product which we’re all a bit blown away by!!!  We’re giving you a little sneaky hint in the pic above:)  Watch this space….

Moor Mask New Website Launch

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Moor Mask New WebsiteHURRAH! Our new look  Moor Mask® site has finally hit PC screens everywhere and we’re a teensy bit chuffed with ourselves.  It’s taken months/years, several designers, hard work and teeth gnashing but it’s done.  There’s still a few tweaks to be made and pages to fill but all the main info is there, along with an easier-to-navigate site, an introductory slideshow, prominent links to the main areas and a BIG buy-it-now button which takes peeps directly to the Moor Mask® orders section…we lost count of the number of emails we used to get from newbie’s who couldn’t figure out how to place an order…sorry:(  Anyway ALL of that is firmly behind us…we’re planning a major overhaul to the orders section next but in the meantime as a huge THANK YOU to all of you – we’re offering a massive 20% OFF any order placed in the next few weeks only to celebrate the launch ( in addition to the special offers we’re already running).  All you have to do is LIKE the Moor Mask® Facebook Page and enter in the relevant promo code at checkout…hurry up now!

20% OFF all Ultimate & Deluxe Packs of Moor Mask

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Moor Mask Mud Facial Mask Special Offer

Moor Mask scored 9 out of 10 for Effectiveness on Skin and is now offering a massive 20% OFF all Ultimate & Deluxe packs – so treat YOUR skin now.

Our regular Face & Body moor mud scored 9 out of 10 for Effectiveness on Skin by an independent testing panel and as if that weren’t reason enough to get on the case and get some stocks in then how about 20% OFF all Ultimate and Deluxe packs.  Head on over to the orders section at and take a gander!


Belated Merry Xmas and Happy 2012!


Facial Mask 20% Off Sale Honestly, there’s really NO excuse – not only has there been no post since October – OCTOBER I tell you..but in our supreme busy-ness over Christmas we forgot to:

  • Wish you a Merry Christmas (tut-tut)
  • Wish you a Happy New Year (really?)
  • Tell you about our 1st EVER SPECIAL OFFER available to EVERYONE!

To try to make up for all of the above we’ve extended the SPECIAL OFFER we were originally running just over Christmas and yes – this time, we HAVE remembered to actually tell you about it. So RIGHT NOW there’s a very merry 20% OFF ALL Facial Mask/Eye & Lip Mask Assorted Deluxe Packs and Ultimate Packs over at the Moor Mask Orders Section.  PLUS if you haven’t done so already, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter and get a FURTHER 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE FIRST ORDER.  (Your discount code can be found in your final confirmation email following subscription and can be applied during checkout at the time of order).  So, while you’re bemoaning the Xmas excess, dusting off the gym subscriptions and subjecting yourselves to the torture of New Year detox spare a thought for your skin and…get some Moor Mask in!


New Moor Mask Youtube Video Review

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Independent Moor Mask Review YouTube Video

We just found this review of our facial masks on Youtube:) The review itself is really comprehensive and LetsReviewIt gave us an overrall rating of ‘…18 thumbs up and I love this product’. We’re rather pleased with ourselves:) Check out the full video review and if you go to our Moor Mask Facebook ‘Welcome’ page  and click on the ‘Like’ button, refresh the page, you’ll access a none too shabby 20% DISCOUNT on the entire Moor Mask range for a very limited time for all our Facebook fans when you enter the code at checkout via  …enjoy!

Spot the difference? (See what we did there?)

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Facial mask or Eye & Lip mask – THAT is the question? Forgive us peeps for we have sinned…it’s been 2 months since our last post which is naughty…Naughty…NAUGHTY and while it may have been quiet on the blog front it’s been anything but in every other area.  Despite the continuing gloomy economic climate we’re enjoying our busiest year yet, whilst juggling wholesale orders and rooting out bugs in the new website.  There are so many ways to go on this post it’s hard to pick one BUT me thinks it’s time to address the Face & Body Mask vs. Eye & Lip Mask debate as we regularly receive emails on this subject so to clarify:

Firstly, the 3 photo’s from the Eye & Lip article on the BEFORE & AFTER PICS page. These results were achieved using the Eye & Lip version of the mask.  Although we call it Eye & Lip (as these are 2 areas that are difficult to treat) – this version can be used ANYWHERE on the skin in particular areas of concern e.g stubborn spots or red patches,  where faster results are required and/or where you don’t want to be masking as often as you would with the Face & Body.

The Eye & Lip Mask AND the Face & Body mask contain 100% organic moor mud.  So “what’s the difference” – especially considering that the Eye & Lip Mask is more expensive?  Well, while the moor mud in both our regular and Eye & Lip versions comes from the same source of European medicinal mud and whilst it looks the same, the properties between the two DO vary.

This is actually due to 2 main factors, the mud used in Moor Mask is actually extracted in ‘layers’ – with the different layers being used for different purposes as the deeper the mud is extracted from, the purer it is. The regular mask is taken from the 3rd layer and the Eye & Lip from the 4th – layer which is approximately 3-3.5 metres deep.  We don’t use or sell the mud from the 2nd layer  at all although some other brands/retailers of moor mud do.   (More on this in a forthcoming post when we’ll advise on comparing ‘like for like’ when looking at prices of moor mud on the web).  The deeper extraction means that the mud taken from this layer is purer and has higher levels of some active ingredients.

The Eye & Lip version of the mud then undergoes a further refining process which results in smaller particles allowing for faster and deeper penetration into the skin which produces quicker, more superior results compared to the regular mask.  The process of both deeper ETHICAL extraction from the earth AND the additional refining process are expensive – resulting in a higher priced product for us and you.  It can be argued though that over the long-term, if used regularly, the Eye & Lip mask actually works out cheaper as you don’t have to use it as often as the regular version to achieve similar results.  We actually have ardent devotees of both versions (with the majority preferring the Face & Body) and some customers like to use both – the regular mask on their face, neck, body and hair and the Eye & Lip on the eyes and lips and any stubborn areas they want to treat more intensively.

As to which version we would recommend – it is really a matter of personal taste.  If you have a variety of problems you wish to treat,
your condition is quite serious or you would prefer to use the mask less often, then ‘Eye & Lip’ might be a better choice?  Some first time users
order one of the Moor Mask Deluxe packs (which you can find at: ) so
they can try out BOTH versions to see which one is better for them and with the savings these packs offer they work out at good value.


Moor Mask SPECIAL OFFER Newsflash!

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Get 15% OFF the entire Moor Mask Clear Skin Care system when you subscribe to the monthly newsletter!  You can sign-up via the form in the sidebar on the right hand side of the blog and recieve your Moor Mask money off coupon in the final sign-up confirmation email to use against any order at for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! (Your details are NEVER shared or sold and you can unsubscribe easily at any time)…Get busy peeps:)

Our Moor Mud Soaps have launched!

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Moor Mud Soap for Acne, Dry, Mature, Oily and Problem Skin

Dark, seductive, fabulously ‘gooey’ and very effective, these little beauties could perhaps more accurately be called ‘treatment bars’ but airs and graces here, so just plain old ‘soap’ will do.   Dynamite to acne, aging, dry, mature, problem and sensitive skin, they have already proved a massive hit with testers and some of you who have received trial sizes as a ‘freebie’ in recent orders.

Although they can be used on their own, they aren’t a substitute for actual mask treatments and are instead designed for use as a supplement to your Moor Mask Clear Skin regime and we recommend using them twice a day, morning and evening on days when you aren’t ‘masking’, when travelling and it isn’t convenient to apply a full treatment and before a full mask application to cleanse and prepare the skin.  Unscented and packed with as much of our best-selling face and body mask as we could possibly cram into them without them falling apart, they are  100% natural, handmade and contain 100% organic oils. 

Presently, they’re available in 100g/3.5oz in two ‘flavours’ – regular suitable for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin and problem with added sun dried sea salt and clay powder for acne, blemished, oily and problem skin. Additionally, we’ve priced them to sell at £12.99 per 100g/3.5oz  bar (before any discounts are applied).  For similar soaps already on the market, current prices are approximately £12/$20 for a single 25g/1oz bar (Royale Moor and Eumora) and £24/$40 for a 6oz Erno Lazlo Mud Soap.

They can be used on your face or body in the bath or shower and full details on how to use them and the ingredients list for each one can be found via the following links:

Moor mud soap for Acne, Blemished, Oily, Problem Skin

Moor mud soap for Aging, Dry, Normal, Mature, Sensitive Skin

Subscribe to the Moor Mask Newsletter for Latest Offer Updates

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Our 20% discount offer for fans of our Facebook page has just finished (although anyone who still has the discount coupon has another 48 hours to use it) and we’re taking a breather after the huge response.  If you want to be among the first to hear about the next one then please sign up for the monthly newsletter using the form in the right hand sidebar or from the main site.

Special Easter Savings for Moor Mask Facebook Fans

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Special Offer on entire Moor Mask range20% OFF – ONLY AVAILABLE TO FANS OF THE MOOR MASK  Facebook Page NOW!

As promised in our last month’s newsletter we will be offering fans of our Facebook page exclusive discounts.  This month, as a big ‘thank you’ to all of you who have already ‘liked’ the new page – we are offering our BIGGEST ever discount of 20% on the entire Moor Mask® range. All you have to do is click on the ‘Find us on Facebook’ button in the right hand sidebar or on any of the text links contained in this post and login to your Facebook account at which point you should be able to see the discount code at the top of the Facebook page – just under the tabbed browser.

If you haven’t had chance to check out the Facebook page yet or haven’t ‘liked’ it already (naughty) don’t worry.  Simply use the same links to get to our page – hit the ‘like’ button, say ‘abracadabra’ (optional) whilst refreshing/reloading the page and magically, the discount code should now appear.

The coupon can be used as normal on the orders section (don’t forget to click on the ‘+’ sign to the right of the coupon code box in order for your discount to be applied automatically).  This is a LIMITED TIME offer so don’t delay…

Should you experience any difficulty in ordering or applying your discount code please email directly giving a brief description of the problem using the Moor Mask contact form on the main site.

Balneotherapy – The Art of a Moor Mask Mud Bath

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Moor Mud Bath

I meant to get around to this post months ago as we’re asked about using Moor Mask® in the bath a LOT!

As our regulars will already know Moor Mask® consists of over a 1000 herbs and plants which have undergone geological, biological, chemical and physical processes.  These processes have rendered our mud jam packed full of organic sulphur, humic acid, vitamins, minerals, lipids, amino acids and all manner of other skin feeding goodies.

Moor mud had been used therapeutically in clinics and spas for a long time, the process even has it’s own name – balneotherapy, which to us non-scientists is perhaps better described as therapeutic bathing. Moor mud has been used in Europe for medicinal baths and wraps for the past 200 years for rheumatic disorders, osteoarthritis, gynecological disorders, sciatica, skin diseases, trauma and other afflictions and ailments.  And you thought it was ‘just’ good for your skin…?

Anyway, whether you want fabulous looking skin or need to alleviate a more serious skin condition, such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or body acne  a Moor Mask® mud bath is a great alternative to an all-over body mask – you don’t need to invite a friend to help out, unless you want too of course :) – you use less mask, you can forego spa treatment prices and it is a truely blissful way to end a long day.

To bathe in Moor Mask – use the Face & Body (regular) version of our Moor mud which can be found at:

  1. The best time to take a Moor mud bath is immediately before bedtime. Make sure the bathroom is warm and run a deep bath, pour in the Moor mud – the amount to add will vary on the depth and size of your bath and personal preference but as a general rule at least 3 cups per bath is recommended.  You can add up to 6-8 cups if your condition is severe or you’re feeling decadent however you won’t be washing off the particles of mud when you exit the bath so you may want to keep this in mind.  A ‘cup’ in this instance is based on the American use of a cup as a measure, however you can use a small teacup (not a mug) as an alternative if you don’t have one of these.
  2.  The water should be hot enough to be comfortable and open the pores.  Mix the mud thoroughly in the water to ensure you don’t have floating ‘globules’. Put some warm towels close to the bath for when you come out.
  3. Lie back and soak in the bath for 20-30 minutes. Close your eyes and splash the water over your face as well. You can wash your hair in it if you wish, especially if you have dry hair. Just relax in the bath, listen to music or just meditate. When are ready to get out you can pat yourself dry but don’t rub – although ‘air-drying’ or simply stepping into a fluffy bathrobe is preferable. The idea is to leave as much mud residue as possible on your skin.  Any temporary discolouration of the bath can easily be removed with a soft cloth, warm water and your usual cleaning agent – as a natural product the mud is perfectly safe to use even if you have a sceptic waste tank and it will not block pipes or drains.
  4. Do not use ANY other products on your skin overnight.  Upon arising you can shower in the usual way to remove any remaining mud particules.  If your bedlinen, towels or robe have any mud on them, this will simply wash out.

To find out more about balneotherapy and how it can be used to treat specific conditions wikipedia has a good definition and links to examples here.  If you would like to order Moor Mask® the orders section can be found at: or the main site at:  Happy bathing!

15% off ALL Moor Mask® products when you subscribe to the newsletter!

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15% Off Moor Mud Mask

Until 12th April, 2011 you can get 15% off ANY Moor Mask® order when you sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Subscribing entitles you to access to the VIP area, occasional free products and special exclusive discounts.  You’ll also be the first to hear about any new products or developments (and there are a few of these in the pipeline at the moment).  With British summertime officially upon us as of NOW, there’s no better way to get your skin into shape after the LOOOOOOOOG hibernation of a particularly harsh winter and we’ve come over all generous with the promise of warmer weather by throwing  a sample freebie into every parcel!  Sign up via the form on the right hand sidebar, the main Moor Mask® site or our brandee new Moor Mask® Facebook Page

**Your discount code will be sent to you in the final sign up confirmation email so be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you can’t see the email from us.  The code can then be used during checkout (ensure you click on the ‘+’ button to the right of the discount code box for your saving to be applied).**

Moor Mask Clear Skin Facial Mask is now on Facebook!

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Moor Mud Mask is now on Facebook at Moor Mask Clear Skin Facial Mask

It’s been a long time coming and weeks and weeks and weeks of hair pulling, teeth gnashing and forehead banging, but our Facebook page has FINALLY landed!  It looks a lot different from the original blueprint which you can see from the pic above due to various workarounds we had to implement in order to be Facebook compatible and Facebook changing the size of the page area to a mere 520px when we were half way through implementing changes.  In the end we succumbed to a 3rd party application so we could add all the features we wanted AND retain our sanity!  Facebook is possibly the worst platform ever for the non-techie and we are definitely in that category.    

The FAQ’s page is still under construction, however everything else is up and running including our NEW Facebook mini-store which means you can now order your favourite products without ever having to leave Facebook. 

You can even order via your mobile/cell phone at: (more on this in another post coming soon).

Anyway, you can see the finished article for yourselves either by clicking on the ‘FIND US ON FACEBOOK‘ button in the right hand sidebar or directly at:

Quite a few of you have already found us but for those of you who haven’t yet don’t forget to ‘LIKE‘  the page once you’re there as we’ll be offering exclusive special offers to all Facebook fans over the coming months…watch that space:)

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